Kalivac (Albanian) (hydroelectric power plant)

The Kalivac project is an example of gravity dam design, located in the homonymous Albanian locality foreste the realization of a 107 MW hydroelectric plant.
The gravity-type dam in concrete blocks is 80m high and has a 375m crest length. The resulting reservoir has a total volume of 350 Mm3.
The use of a steel sheet pile cellular cofferdam was conceived for the construction phase as well as the temporary diversion of the river.
The spillway, that was dimensioned for a design flow of 5090 m3/s, consists of 15 flap gates and one ski-jump dissipater. The project also foresees two bottom outlets, two intake works for a maximum intercepted flow of 285 m3/s. The open-air powerhouse is equipped with two Kaplan turbines and one Francis turbine.
In addition to the geotechnical investigations and surveys, Studio Pietrangeli also revised the preliminary design, drew up the final design and executive design of the civil works (dam and powerhouse).
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