Muchinga (Zambia) ( hydropower )

The Muchinga project foresees the construction of a hydroelectric plant in Zambia along the Lusemfwa river downstream the Mita Hills zone earth dam and the Lusemfwa power plant.

The scheme is envisaged to exploit the entire hydraulic head between the forebay downstream the Mita Hills dam and the foot of the Muchinga escarpment equal to approximately 495 m (from 1005 m asl to 510 m asl). The foreseen installed power of the plant is 265 MW, generating 1600 GWh/year.

The Mita Hill dam is an existing zone earth dam with a 40 m height, and a crest length of 175 m, while it is expected that the Mkushi dam be a 120m high arch dam with a crest length of 350 m.

Depending on the design choices, the works will include a power tunnel length of 15 to 30 km, the afore indicated arch dam on the Mkushi, 2 weirs, 1 open air power house, 10 km of headrace tunnels, 3 penstocks and 3 Pelton turbines.

The task presently assigned to Studio Pietrangeli are the management of all project design activities, from the feasibility study through the final and construction designs as well as works supervision.
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