Public Utilities Corporation (PUC)


2016 - in progress

Description for La Gogue (Seychelles)

The scope of the assignment is the rehabilitation and upgrade of the existing La Gogue dam and the construction of a new water treatment plant for the water supply scheme.

Main Features

  • La Gogue earthfill dam, raised of 6 m (final dam H = 41m, L_crest = 200 m)
  • Upgrading works for the drainage system, grouting screen, saddle grouting, etc.
  • New side spillway (L = 14 m, Q = 119 m3/s) with stepped chute (L = 150 m, w = 5 m) and stilling basin
  • Upgrade of intake tower, rehabilitated and raised of 6 m
  • New Water Treatment Plant (capacity of 4400 m3/day) serving the water supply scheme for 13'000 people

Engineering Services

  • Design review and upgrade
  • Tender documents for Dam Raising (FIDIC Red Book) and Water Treatment (FIDIC Yellow Book)
  • Assistance during bidding process
  • Construction supervision as FIDIC Engineer and Employer’s Representative
  • Supervision during commissioning

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