Ministry of Natural Resources & Energy (Department of Water Affairs)


2016 - in progress

Description for Nondvo (Swaziland)

The main purposes of Mbabane - Manzini project are:

  • provide potable water to the two cities of Mbabane and Manzini, but in the limits established by the Tripartite Agreement signed with South Africa and Mozambique;
  • increase downstream irrigation;
  • increase hydropower generation at Edwaleni and Magaduza hydropower stations;
  • augment the urban raw water supply for Matsapha/Manzini;
  • exploit the available Nondvo dam head for hydropower generation.

Main Features

  • GRAVITY Dam (H = 55 m, Vreservoir = 90 Mm3)
  • Powerhouse (Francis Turbines, IP = 600 kW, Q =2.5 m3/s, Eavg = 4 GWh/y)
  • Irrigation Area (approx. 3,500 ha)
  • Water Supply (approx. 200,000 population)

Engineering Services

  • Feasibility Study
  • Detail Design
  • Tender Documents

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