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2010 - 2013

Description for Beles-GERDp HV Transmission Lines (Ethiopia)

The assignment, financed by Salini Costruttori S.p.A., is a feasibility study for the construction of a 400kV transmission line to provide power supply from the Beles HPP to the newly established worksite at the hydropower site of GERDp (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project), in 2010. That study allowed for planning the new line as part of the high voltage transmission grid of Ethiopia, as well as improving the socio-economic framework by both guaranteeing an affordable provision of electrical energy and boosting the process of access to electricity on a short-term basis.

This project has contributed to strengthen the already close professional relationship with Ethiopia, thereby making Studio Pietrangeli one of the international firms more involved in the electrification of the country.

The project consisted in the design of a 240 km, 400kV overhead line along with the design of a 400/20/15kV distribution transformer for the GERDp Switchyard.

The 400kV Beles-GERDp line was conceived as a fast-track project with reduced realisation time to expedite the inception of the works at the GERDp site, providing reliable energy supply for the construction of the project.

Main Features

  • Overhead transmission line, single circuit (V=400kV, L=240km, Capacity=1170MVA)
  • No.1 Line bay at the Beles HPP switchyard (V=400kV)
  • No.1 line bay at the GERDP HPP switchyard (V=400kV)
  • No.1 distribution transformer (400/20/15kV, rated 50/50/10MVA) at GERDP Switchyard

Engineering Services

  • Feasibility Study
  • Electric Network Stability Analysis
  • Tender Documents

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