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2016 - 2021

Description for Koysha – Gibe III HV Transmission line (Ethiopia)

The transmission line links the Koysha HPP site to the Gibe III HPP (in operation) and allows early supply of the site works for the construction of Koysha HPP.

Main Features

  • Overhead line (double circuit, 400kV, L=140km, 1200MVA per circuit)
  • Koysha temporary substation (Site) (No.2 400/20/15kV 25MVA transformers, No.2 line bays)
  • Gibe III substation extension with additional line bays (400kV, AIS type)

Engineering Services

  • Reconnaissance Project
  • Feasibility Study
  • Basic Design
  • Final Design
  • Technical Supervision during Construction for EPC contractor

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