Key People

Alberto Bezzi
Project Manager

Alberto joined Studio Pietrangeli in 1995 after a period of 4 years as a construction engineer.

He obtained his honours degree in Civil & Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Rome in 1991, and since working in the field of dam design and hydropower at Studio Pietrangeli, he has successfully managed the planning, design and supervision during construction, up to commissioning and take-over of dams and hydropower projects of all sizes.

His expertise in the dam design sector also covers consultancy services during plant operation, plant safety preparedness and monitoring, watershed management and energy production optimization.

A sailing enthusiast and former Italian national and international regatta champion, Alberto is a natural leader adeptly identifying and exploiting the full potential and skills of his team of collaborators, efficiently and successfully managing large and complex issues in the field of dam design and hydropower.

As well as designing, Alberto has spent several years managing gigantic construction projects such as the ongoing Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia (6’000 MW). He is frequently on site working in direct and constant contact with the contractors, troubleshooting dam design problems on the spot.

This profound understanding of construction is fully exploited during the various dam design phases since it allows him to thoroughly analyse all the technical aspects of a project and define what is feasible and how to achieve it.

One of Alberto’s most distinctive characteristics is his total commitment to a project. A clear example of this was in 1997 at Bumbuna in Sierra Leone, for a dam design, when he stayed on site for 15 days after the coup d’etat on 26th May, along with a small group of technicians, to ensure the safety conditions at the dam. In November 2004, soon after the end of the civil war, he returned to site to continue the project and see it through to completion.
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