Key People

Antonio Pietrangeli
Managing Partner

He officially joined his father's firm when he was 26, but his fascination with dam design started well before that, during his childhood when his inventive father instilled in him his passion for the fundamentals and secrets of dam design.

Since graduating in Civil & Hydraulic Engineering from the University of Rome in 1999, his working life in Studio Pietrangeli has been dedicated to the technical and managerial aspects of all the firm’s dam design and hydropower services.

Raised according to his father’s solid principles, he has followed in his footsteps facing the great challenges of SP’s huge dam design works humbly and courageously.

He has personally contributed to the family-managed firm’s international affirmation in the field of dam design by continuing to implement his father’s philosophy of designing “bespoke” projects, custom-made according to individual client’s needs and resources.

With his creativity, open mind and natural talent for organization Antonio has always pursued the growth of the firm, conveying the SP method and the fundamental principles of dam design to his collaborators.

He carefully draws on the specific aptitude and skills of the team members supporting them by developing a core sense of the company, explaining the right criteria to follow in dam design and providing the appropriate resources to achieve the goal successfully.

Antonio was responsible for setting-up SP’s successful business development sector to identify new opportunities in hydropower and dam design, analysing the market, identifying potential clients and generating the negotiation and sales process with key clients.

Reticent by nature, he becomes a river in spate when he finds himself explaining the ins and outs of the firm’s projects, giving lectures or presenting papers, often in front of large audiences, transmitting his passion for dam design and geotechnics.

Since 2006, he has been responsible for many of the firm’s projects covering more than 50 hydroelectric plants of all sizes (totalling more than 15.000 MW) and more than 40 dams (from small ones up to 250 m high).

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