Key People

Maurizio Di Cesare
Civil Engineer

Maurizio has over 30 years’ international experience in dam design.

He was recruited directly by Giorgio Pietrangeli in 1987, immediately after he graduated in Civil & Hydraulic Engineering from the University of Rome in the same year.

Thanks to his multidisciplinary skills and knowledge, and his good-natured team spirit, he a valuable point of reference for all his colleagues. He has gained a remarkable experience in dam design, hydropower design and other large hydraulic works through his collaboration on many of the firm’s most important projects in Europe, Africa and South America.

His eclectic expertise stems from his wide experience of geotechnical, structural and hydraulic studies in the field of dam design and hydropower. He conducted numerous geotechnical studies (rock and soil mechanics), field investigations, foundation treatment designs, and structural calculations on large-scale multidisciplinary projects.

Maurizio has acquired considerable experience as chief designer and technical supervisor of construction on site of large civil works, principally in the field of dam design. He has also been resident engineer for the construction management of several hydropower projects.

Pragmatic and tenacious in finding the right solution to a problem in any sphere from dam design to hydropower engineering, he is very fond of structural calculation. From the easiest problem to the most complex, he starts by doing the first calculations by hand before proceeding with traditional methods as well as applying the most advanced software.

Thanks to his practical application of the SP method in dam design, during construction of the Gibe III plant, he was the only one to make himself understood by the Chinese electromechanical contractors communicating only through sketches, numbers and calculations, without speaking a single word!

Since 1987, he has been directly involved in the engineering of more than 50 dams (up to 250 m high) and 40 hydroelectric plants.

He also matured training experience teaching various courses in dam design and hydropower development at Italian Consulting Engineers Register of Rome and the transfer of technology programs in several SP projects.

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