Key People

Stefano Galantino
Electrical Engineer

Stefano is an electrical and electromechanical engineer who has been working on power systems and transmission lines associated with hydropower and dam design projects for well over 15 years.

A graduate from the University of Rome, he joined Studio Pietrangeli’s dam design staff in 2002 and is now the firm’s chief electro-mechanical project manager, being directly responsible for the overall management of the electrical and electro-mechanical sector.

As well as planning and design of the transmission systems related to hydropower and dam design, performing network studies and related load flow analyses, determining collapse tension, dynamic stability simulations, load demand forecasts, market and trading asset studies, he prepares technical specifications for electrical/electromechanical equipment.

He oversees the construction and commissioning of HV transmission lines and substations equipment such as control/protection/telecommunication systems, mainly related to dam design works.

For several years, Stefano collaborated with Prof. Emeritus Francesco Iliceto, world-renowned power system expert and one of SP’s long-term consultants, author of several books, more than 100 technical papers and inventor of ground-breaking techniques such as the shield wire scheme for low cost rural electrification in developing countries.

Stefano and Prof. Iliceto applied this technique in Sierra Leone and monitored its operation for years allowing them to write the “Manual for planning, specification, engineering, construction and operation of the shield wire scheme, grid based rural electrification in developing countries” for the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).

After completion of Bumbuna (50 MW), Stefano was so profoundly convinced of the soundness of his design and the meticulousness of his calculations that to dispel the project manager and contractor’s reservations and misgivings he actually took over responsibility of the commissioning operations himself.

Constantly in pursuit of innovation, with an ongoing commitment to finding optimum solutions, he has successfully completed many prestigious transboundary projects, such as the Gabon – Congo interconnector, Kamanyola regional dispatching centre in the Great Lakes Region and the transmission system of Ruzizi III HPP, the Batoka Hydroelectric Scheme in Zambia and Zimbabwe, etc..

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