IMPREPAR S.p.A. (Impregilo Group)


2013 - 2015

Description for Montedoglio (Italy)

Montedoglio dam has suffered some damages at the spillway and dam body due to a large flood occurred in 2010. Studio Pietrangeli has been appointed to carry out the assessment of the current conditions and the design of the refurbishment works to restore the complete functionality of the structures damaged during the events of year 2010.

Main Features

  • Reservoir (Total storage 168 Mm3)
  • Main Dam (Earthfill type, H = 64.30 m, Crest length 566 m, Crest elevation 398.30 m s.l.m., Embankment volume 2.7 Mm3)
  • Secondary Dam (Earthfill type, H = 8.6 m, Crest length 288 m, Crest elevation 398.30 m s.l.m., Embankment volume 40,000 m3)
  • Intake (Rectangular type (WxH) 4.2x6.0 mxm)
  • Spillway (design discharge Q = 909 m3/s, side spillway ungated L = 112 m + n° 2 gates L = 24 m)
  • Bottom outlet (design discharge Q = 339 m3/s, L = 423 m, D = 6 m)

Engineering Services

  • Assessment of the damages occurred after the flood event (spillway, dam embankment)
  • Assessment of the conditions of the dam
  • Survey, site and laboratory investigations
  • Feasibility and final design of the rehabilitation works for the damaged structures
  • Supervision of construction of the rehabilitation works

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