Dams Engineering

SP has provided engineering services in more than 30 countries.
More than 200 dams and 100 hydropower plants designed.
Innovative ideas, cutting edge technologies, world records.



The videos of our projects are the company’s business card

Gibe III

Work Progress - January 2017

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance

Work Progress - April 2017


All engineering and consultancy services from conceptual scheme to construction details.

All types of studies: engineering, geological, environmental, financial.

All the phases: from the idea to monitoring of operation.


Dams & Hydro of all types and sizes, from micro to huge.

Gerd 6000 MW Africa’s largest hydro.
Gibe III 250 m, World’s Highest RCC.
Batoka dam, 180 m, on the mighty Zambezi river.
10 micro hydro in the beautiful Jamaica.


Family-owned and managed, since 1964.

 80 experts and specialists,
in all the fields of engineering
(hydraulic, geotechnical, structural, electrical, mechanical, etc.),
geology, architecture, economy, environment.


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