Dam & Hydroelectric Engineering

We provide outstanding engineering services for dams, hydroelectric power plants, hydraulic projects (water supply, irrigation plants, etc) and power transmission lines. We are the Engineers of several renowned hydroelectric power plants such as Gibe III, Grand Ethiopian Renaissance, etc.

Fifty years of innovative engineering

Studio Pietrangeli was founded in 1964 by Giorgio Pietrangeli and, since then, has been a leading firm for dams and hydroelectric engineering. We have created innovative design solutions for small to large scale projects. Nowadays, we are also the Engineers for several power transmission lines, irrigation plants and water supply in Africa .


The firm’s services cover all phases of a project, from conception to monitoring during operation. We carry out all the design activities, studies, investigations, supervision of the works, and so on.
Although our core activities focus on dams and hydropower plants, we are also specialised in large hydraulic works (water supply, irrigation plants, etc), transmission lines and power systems studies.


Studio Pietrangeli’s staff of approximately 80 people includes internationally renowned experts, engineers, geologists and other professionals and technical staff. 
While Studio Pietrangeli’s head office is in Rome (Italy), the firm also has branches in Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Ethiopia and elsewhere sets up its own temporary premises and/or makes use of local partners’ facilities.


Our extraordinary international experience confirms the quality of our work. SP has successfully completed the design of over 200 dams and 30'000 MW of hydropower plants in more than 30 countries. 
Alongside its more traditional engineering schemes, Studio Pietrangeli has always proposed innovative solutions to complex technical problems.



The firm has invented several record-breaking projects: the world's highest RCC dam (Gibe III, 250 m), Africa's largest hydropower (GERdp, 6000 MW), Africa's longest hydraulic tunnels (Gibe II, Beles, 25 km). Several of our projects, given their innovative solutions and importance, have been written about and/or cited in prestigious magazines such as National Geographic, International Water Power and The Economist.Our dams were used to illustrate banknotes (Sierra Leone), as a re-chargeable phone card and for bond issues (Ethiopia).Our innovative technical solutions are described in renowned books, such as Prof. Hoek's "Practical Rock Engineering".

Fast Track

Nowadays, many of the firm's projects are conceived in only a few weeks' time through the adoption of so-called “fast track” techniques using satellite imagery, helicopter surveys, drones, surface geotechnical investigations. Thanks to fast-track, some of our largest hydropower projects have been implemented in only four years from conception to operation.

Unusual working conditions

Studio Pietrangeli's specialists are used to work in all types of conditions, from roughing it in field camps in African forests (surveying and investigating hydropower sites and transmission lines) to attending official meetings with the highest echelons of government, industry and finance.
The passion for our work never changes.

Tailored presentations

Our engineers are accustomed to presenting our projects to clients of all types: from high level managers to local people leaving at project site. 
We have even created simple effective presentations using cartoons and laymen's terms.Since many years, our engineers give regularly classes at the University of Rome.

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