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Transmission Line

The design of transmission lines is one of the services that Studio Pietrangeli has been providing for decades, bringing excellency into engineering in the smartest and most successful way. Passion and commitment of our experts are underpinned by state-of-the-art methodologies and the outstanding Italian tradition in power system disciplines, worldwide recognised

More than 10,000 km of high voltage lines designed

The engineering services provided by Studio Pietrangeli cover all aspects of high voltage electrical systems design, feasibility, investigations, environmental and social impact assessment, detailed design, final design, tender documents, design for construction, works supervision and technical assistance during procurement.

When designing high voltage lines and, more generally, transmission systems, Studio Pietrangeli’s electromechanical engineers carefully select the network nodes to be connected, the voltage level, the reliability of the line route and its interference with protected natural areas and major infrastructures, the power to be transmitted in accordance with the indications set by the national grid code..

Our Transmission Lines Projects

They pay particular attention to harmonising the equipment of the transmission lines with that already present in the network. Given the key role played by transmission infrastructures in the overall electric system, planning studies are among the core expertise of our activities tailored to the technical and economic evaluation of new assets, renewable resources integration and strategic analysis devoted to system expansion plans. We would like to point out that Studio Pietrangeli usually collaborates with the most important regional authorities in the energy sector such as : EAPP – Eastern Africa Power Pool, SAPP – Southern Africa Power Pool, PEAC – Central Africa Power Pool, WAPP – Western Africa Power Pool, EGL – Energy Organisation of the ECGLC – Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries, ZRA – Zambezi River Authority, NELSAP – Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program, and with national electricity companies such as TANESCO (Tanzania), ZESCO (Zambia), SEEG (Gabon), SNE (Congo), SNEL (DRC), REGIDESO (Burundi), EDCL (Rwanda), KETRACO (Kenya), EEPCO (Ethiopia), ZETDC and ZESA (Zimbabwe), NPA (Sierra Leone), SONABEL (Burkina Faso).

At the level of regional (international) planning, the network study is the most valuable instrument for identifying and selecting priority integration projects.

The development of an energy policy strategy is central to the development of a regional electricity market and widespread access to modern, available and affordable power. It is for this reason that, as electrical systems consultants, we provide advanced system planning analyses to optimise the use of existing facilities and identify system reinforcements.
SP engineers carry out the modelling activity in consultation with national energy authorities, national power companies and regional power pools.

SP engineers carry out the modelling activity in consultation with national energy authorities, national power companies and regional power pools.

In recent years Studio Pietrangeli has carried out in-depth network studies during the design of several transmission systems such as:
– the studies for the development and reinforcement of the subtransmission system in Tanzania
– the studies for the development of the Kenya – Tanzania 400kV interconnector via Kilgoris
– the studies relevant to the subtransmission and transmission development in Rwanda
– electrical systems related to the Batoka Gorge Hydro Electric Scheme in Zambia and Zimbabwe
– the Gabon and Congo interconnected system studies
– the electricity system associated with the Ruzizi multinational project (DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi)
– the Ethiopia – Kenya interconnector assessment studies
– the electricity system associated with the Bumbuna project in Sierra Leone
– the electrical distribution system between Makeni and Port Loko in Sierra Leone
– the electricity system associated with the Kidunda hydroelectric scheme in Tanzania
– the power system associated with the Lufubu hydroelectric power stations in Zambia
– the interconnection line between the Gerdp and Beles hydroelectric power stations.

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The firm’s best business card is its innovative projects

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