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APRIL 2022

First power production at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The electricity production from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was officially inaugurated by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali on 20th February with the startup of its first 375 MW. Studio Pietrangeli has participated to this great project with the design of the dam and hydropower plant.


Signed contract for the rehabilitation of the Cantoniera Dam, Italy

Studio Pietrangeli will be responsible for the design and construction supervision of the structural rehabilitation of the Eleonora d’Arborea alla Cantoniera di Busachi (Cantoniera) Dam to ensure the full use of the reservoir’s water resources.

JULY 2021

Qaliwana HPP looking forward to the future – Fiji

Updates on Qaliwana and Upper Wailoa Diversion Hydro Development Scheme are highlighted on the EFL Annual Report 2020.


Gilgel Gibe III Hydroelectric Plant, Ethiopia

An ambitious project for Africa’s largest power plant, designed by Studio Pietrangeli. Some of the technologies are here presented that were used in the construction of the Gibe III dam for the protection and waterproofing of surfaces and joints.


A pioneering approach

Studio Pietrangeli has used innovative design solution in many of the dams and hydropower projects it has worked on over the years. Report by Giorgio Pietrangeli, Antonio Pietrangeli and Giuseppe Pittalis.


Pontecosi dam, Italy, to be refurbished

Studio Pietrangeli has been appointed by Enel Green Power to carry out the engineering for the rehabilitation of the Pontecosi dam, in Italy’s central region of Tuscany. The assignment includes both the detailed assessment of the conditions of the concrete gravity dam, and the design of the rehabilitation works required to meet modern safety standards.


Prequalification applications invited for contractors for Rivière des Anguilles dam in Mauritius

In 2018 the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities contracted Studio Pietrangeli to provide engineering services for the Rivière des Anguilles dam project.
Today the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities of the Republic of Mauritius is inviting prequalification applications from international contractors by the 25th of November for the construction of the Rivière des Anguilles dam.


Tanzania: the next the tender for high voltage lines based on a Studio Pietrangeli Project

Tanzania is preparing a tender for the construction of 2,550 km of high-voltage lines and 51 substations to serve rural areas. The feasibility studies and detailed design, funded by the EU, were carried out by Studio Pietrangeli taking into account existing electricity grids and future forecast planned for 2040. Studio Pietrangeli has also prepared the tender documents with which the race for the construction will be launched.


Tanzania: newspaper The Citizen about SP project for rural electrification

On the 25th of September 2020, the Tanzanian newspaper The Citizen published an article about the Studio Pietrangeli project “Feasibility Study for Sub Transmission High Voltage Lines & Distribution of Substations for Rural Electrification in Tanzania”, in progress at the date.


Tanzanian TBC Channel: The Sub Transmission Hv Lines for The Rural Electrification Project

The Tanzanian TV channel TBC has published, in the week of 7-11 September 2020, a video clip showing the main objectives of the project “Feasibility Study for Sub Transmission High Voltage Lines & Distribution of Substations for Rural Electrification in Tanzania”, led by Studio Pietrangeli and funded by the European Union.


Italian company scoops Eswatini tender

Studio Pietrangeli has won a multimillion tender by the Eswatini Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise (ESWADE).

MAY 2019

Tanzania: Kikonge dam contract for Studio Pietrangeli

Italy’s Studio Pietrangeli has been awarded a €1.6m ($1.8m) contract to produce a feasibility study and design outline for the Kikonge multipurpose dam, hydropower and irrigation scheme. The contract has been a long time coming, with expressions of interest published in November 2016 and proposals fully opened by May 2018.