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Dam Projects

The most significant dam projects designed by Studio Pietrangeli include Gibe III and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance

In over five decades, Studio Pietrangeli’s core activity has always revolved around the design of dams, which has lead the company to become one of the world’s leading consultancy firms in this field.
SP’s portfolio includes over 250 dam projects of all kinds and sizes, in more than 35 countries, for various purposes such as hydroelectric power production, water supply and irrigation.
Among the most prestigious projects there are several world records, such as Gibe III, the world’s highest RCC dam (H = 250 m), and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance, that will be world’s largest RCC dam (1,780 m long and 175 m high), once completed.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Ethiopia)

Pontecosi Dam (Italy)

La Gogue Dam (Seychelles)

Kariba Dam (Zambia-Zimbabwe)

Kamuzu I Dam (Malawi)

qaliwana Power house

Qaliwana Hydropower (Fiji)

Plaine Hollandaise Dam ( Seychelles )

King Talal Hydropower (Jordan)

Kenya-Tanzania Interconnector (East Africa)

Nondvo multi-purpose project (Eswatini)

Kikonge Multi-Purpose Project (Tanzania)

Mini Hydroelectric Power Plants (Jamaica)

Kabuyanda Multi-Purpose Project (Uganda)

Vranduk Hydropower (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Rogun Hydropower (Tajikistan)

Hermitage Storage Plant (Jamaica)