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Plaine Hollandaise Dam

Engineering for Dam, Water Treatment Plant and Water Network


Plaine Hollandaise Dam

The project is aimed at increasing the drinking water resource of Praslin island (the second most important island in the Seychelles archipelago) and at balancing the existing pipeline network scheme.

SP, in recent years, has consolidated its presence in the main islands of the Indian Ocean (i.e. Seychelles, Mauritius etc.), in the field of design and supervision of dams, Water Treatment Plants and Water Supplies.  As far as the Seychelles archipelago is concerned, SP is currently involved in the design of the Plaine Hollandaise dam and the Grand Anse dam and as an Engineering Company in the raising of the La Gogue dam.

To optimize the use of existing resources and to improve the water supply, the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) has implemented the Seychelles Water Development Plan 2008-2030 (SWDP). The Master Plan shows the necessity for providing sufficient water storage on Praslin Island. In this framework, the SP project of a new reservoir in Plaine Hollandaise takes place, a flat area in the centre of Praslin Island.

The design of the dam will guarantee water supply to the two administrative districts of the island: Baie Sainte Anne and Grand Anse, respectively located in the east and in the west of the island. The water of the Plaine Hollandaise reservoir will be transferred, after water treatment, into the existing network of Pasquières and Grande Anse

Praslin - Seychelles


European Investment Bank (EIB)


2019 – In progress


Main Features

  • Dam (rockfill with U/S impermeabilization; H = 12 m)
  • Reservoir (Volume = 170’000 m3)
  • Ungated spillway
  • Intake/Bottom outlet (steel pipe crossing dam)
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Pipelines connected to the existing water supply network

Additional Informations


Plaine Hollandaise Dam



Preliminary Design / Feasibility studies

Environmental and Social Studies (including ESIA, EMP and RAP)

Detailed Design

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