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Hydropower engineering

The design of hydropower plants is currently the firm’s core activity. We learned the art of hydropower engineering in the 1960s and have continued to implement the hydroelectric power design over the years, gradually building up the unique interdisciplinary expertise that we have today in all aspects of the hydropower projects. Nowadays the hydroelectric power is the largest reliable source of renewable energy worldwide.

More than
30000 MW

Studio Pietrangeli has over 50 years’ experience in the hydroelectric power plant design.From the beginning the centre of our hydropower engineering design has been the continuous pursuit of innovative solutions for generating hydroelectric power and unexplored paths for creating power plant, employing the most suitable methods to achieve an integrated development of our hydropower projects.

The firm’s first hydropower project was the Rio Grande power plant with pumped storage (750 MW) in Argentina, designed and built in the 1960s.

Our Hydropower Projects

Over the years our expertise in hydropower engineering has grown: each of our hydroelectric power plant is unique and the experience gained in power generation lets us find tailored solutions for each hydropower project.

Over the past few years Studio Pietrangeli has realised several large projects of hydroelectric power plants becoming an Italian and International leader in the sector of hydropower engineering.

Today SP has successfully designed more than 100 hydroelectric power plants of all kind: with reservoirs, run-of-river, pumped storage, etc.. We have done all the hydropower engineering for power plants of all sizes, from very small ones (less then 1 MW) up to the world’s largest hydroelectric power plants (over 6’000 MW) working in 35 countries. Several of our hydropower projects are record-breaking such as Gibe III (1870 MW) and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Hydroelectric Power Plant (6000 MW).

Our great commitment to renewable energy is based on our understanding of the importance of the environment value in our hydroelectric power plants, respect for environmental and social issues and the benefits to be brought to the communities affected by our hydropower projects.

From the hydropower project ideation, trough the comprehensive analysis of all technical, economic and environmental aspects, all along the construction process up to the hydroelectric power plant operation.

Studio Pietrangeli offers all the engineering services required to realize hydroelectric power plants. We have incomparable expertise in the hydropower engineering and in-depth knowledge in each of the relevant works, including civil, electrical and mechanical parts, having successfully developed for over five decades projects of hydroelectric power plants in all its aspects and phases: from the initial conceptual ideation, through the prefeasibility and feasibility studies, the project optimization, the basic, detailed and construction design, up to the tender documents preparation.

Simultaneously with drafting of our hydropower projects, through our great skills we develop the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, in line with local and international standards.

We strongly care to assist our clients during all the phases of the project, from the initial study, design and tender, through the supervision of works and commissioning, up to the start-up and operation of the hydroelectric power plants.

Basing on our remarkable experience, founded on the excellence of Italian universities and on the know-how and inventive talent of the best minds in the hydroelectric power plant sector, we provide all types of integrated and interdisciplinary services investigations and studies (topographic, geological, geotechnical, hydrological, environmental and social, economic, financial, etc.) necessary to complete a hydroelectric project following best international standards.

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SP’s staff includes international consultants in the various engineering disciplines comprising civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, economists, environmental experts, etc.. Recently, the firm has become increasingly specialized in so-called “fast-track” projects, requiring a very short time from conception of the idea to operation of the plant. The special innovative techniques, required for these extremely fast designs, include intense use of the most up-to-date technologies such as satellite imagery, drones, laser scanning, helicopter surveys, surface geotechnics, and the like, for investigation purposes, combined with the vast experience and the sound engineering judgement of the firm’s senior engineers.

— Recent Projects

The firm’s best business card is its innovative projects

The firm’s best business card is its innovative projects in hydropower and dam engineering field, brought to successful completion through a strong partnership with its clients, together with the large and complex projects which have been accomplished. Some of our most recent projects include ->