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Hydropower projects

The most significant projects designed by Studio Pietrangeli include Grand Ethiopian Renaissance and Koysha hydropower plants

Over the course of the past 50 years, Studio Pietrangeli (SP) has become a leading consultancy firm in the renewable energy sector, designing more than 80 projects for hydroelectric power production.
SP’s portfolio consists in the design of hydropower projects totalling more than 30,000 MW in installed power, in more than 35 countries. Today several of our projects are world records, including Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project on the Blue Nile, Africa’s largest hydropower plant (6,000 MW), and Koysha, the fourth plant of the Omo river cascade (2,160 MW).

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Ethiopia)

Kariba Dam (Zambia-Zimbabwe)

Kamuzu I Dam (Malawi)

Dankel Multi-Purpose Project (Eritrea)

qaliwana Power house

Qaliwana Hydropower (Fiji)

King Talal Hydropower (Jordan)

Nondvo multi-purpose project (Eswatini)

Kikonge Multi-Purpose Project (Tanzania)