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Kakono Hydropower

Engineering services for a hydropower plant and transmission line


Kakono Hydropower

Kakono will be a Hydropower Plant located on the Kagera river in Tanzania, near the border of Uganda. The project will result in an additional supply of 87 MW into the national grid which will reduce Tanzania’s import of power and will improve the supply to industry, leading to employment, and to low income communities.

Studio Pietrangeli is very proud of assisting TANESCO providing all the engineering services for the preparation and implementation of the construction of the project, contributing to the increase in the renewable sources of energy in Tanzania.

The layout of the project includes a reservoir, a concrete gravity dam about 51 m high, with an embankment section that creates the heads available for the power production. The power house is outdoor and is located at the toe of the concrete gravity dam. A transmission line will transfer the power to the national network through the nearest existing 132/33kV Kyaka Substation.

Studio Pietrangeli has been continuously present in Tanzania since 1989 successfully completing several engineering projects in the water sector. Thanks also to its internationally renowned projects in Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe SP is currently a leading engineering firm in the region for hydropower, transmission line, irrigation and water supply projects.

Kagera region, Tanzania


Tanzania Electric Supply Company, TANESCO


2018 – 2019


Main Features

  • Main dam section (Gravity, H = 51 m, L = 435 m)
  • Left bank dam section (Rockfill, H = 35 m, L = 1,500 m)
  • Powerhouse (Outdoor, IP = 87 MW, No. 2 Kaplan)
  • Transmission Lines (L = 39 km, 220 kV)
  • Substations (Kakono and Kyaka)
  • Access Road (L = 27.5 km)


Kakono Hydropower


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Detail Design

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