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Transmission line design

Studio Pietrangeli has been working in the field of transmission line design for more than 30 years.

Over 7000 km of transmission lines projects

Our transmission line design concerns high voltage from 132 to 500 kV. In our transmission line design we carefully select the grid points to connect, the voltage level, the reliability of the line route and its interferences with the protected natural area, the peak load requirement of the interconnection (eventually in accordance with the related HPP production), in line with the national grid code issues. We usually identify more than one feasible scheme or route and evaluate an indicative cost estimate. We pay special attention to capabilities and harmonization with the existing transmission facilities, minimization of power losses and reactive power issues.

Studio Pietrangeli’s experience in transmission line design

The firm’s recent expertise in performing consultancy services for the implementation of transmission systems can be summarised as follows:
– Gabon – Congo 400 kV transmission line, 360 km
– Koysha – Gibe III 400 kV transmission line, 140 km
– Kamanyola – Kibuye 220 kV transmission line, 100 km
– multinational Ruzizi III HPP Project 220 kV interconnection, 9km
– Ethiopia – Kenya 400 kV interconnection, 1150 km
– Lufubu Hydroelectric Cascade scheme in Zambia, 330 kV (200km to Kasama and 65 km to Mporokoso) and 132 kV transmission lines (85 km)
– 220 kV transmission line associated to the Rumakali Hydroelectric power plant, in Tanzania, 94 km
– Batoka Hydroelectric scheme cross-border project with the interconnection between Zambia, at 330 kV, 204 km and Zimbabwe at 400 kV, 140 km
– Beles-GERDp HPP interconnection at 400 kV, 240 km in Ethiopia
– Ethiopia-Sudan-Egypt interconnection from GERDp HPP, at 500 kV in AC (700 km) and at ±600 kV in DC (2330 km)
– Namakhvani transmission line at 220 kV, 82 km
– Bumbuna-Freetown transmission line at 161 kV, in Sierra Leone, 205 km

Transmission line design full services

Studio Pietrangeli’s engineering services cover all the aspects of large transmission line design from conception to feasibility, through investigations, environmental impact assessment, preliminary design, final design, technical specifications, employer’s requirements and tender documents, construction design, supervision of construction and technical assistance during definition of contractual terms.

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