Province of Sassari - Italy


Nurra Land Reclamation Authority - Sassari


1969 - 1974

Description for Alto Temo Dam (Italy)

Alto Temo is a hollow gravity dam located in the northern part of Sardinia, in Italy. The dam is foreseen for the exploitation of the Temo river flows, for irrigation purposes, and for the flood control.

It is one of the first dams designed by Studio Pietrangeli. It was conceived with an innovative methodology for the analysis, especially adapted and applied to this type of dam by Giorgio Pietrangeli.

The project includes a hollow gravity dam which hosts a spillway in the central blocks, controlled by 3 flap gates, each one 11 m long. At the dam toe, a flip bucket acts as energy dissipator.

The bottom outlet allows emptying of the reservoir in about five days. An additional small outlet is found in the dam body to empty completely the reservoir.

Main Features

  • Reservoir (V = 90 Mm³)
  • Hollow gravity dam (H = 60 m, L = 205 m, Concrete volume = 121'000 Mm³)
  • Spillway on dam crest (No. 3 flap gates, flip bucket)
  • Ancillary works

Engineering Services

  • Final design
  • Supervision of construction

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