Rivière des Anguilles - Mauritius


Government of Mauritius, Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities


2018 – in progress

Description for Anguilles Dam (Mauritius)

The scope of the project is to make use of the water resources of the Rivière des Anguilles in order to meet the demand (up to about the year 2050) for water supply and irrigation in the Southern part of Mauritius.

This is the first project that SP has been awarded in the Mauritius island, being very eager to expand its horizons towards the Indian Ocean.

The layout of the Rivière des Anguilles dam consists of a rockfill dam with an impervious upstream face about 55 m high and 2000 m long. The dam lays on residual soil that will be waterproofed through a cut-off consisting in a plastic wall diaphragm. The spillway is foreseen as a classic morning-glory type, separated from the dam's body, with an intake tower and the conduits going through the dam's foundation and a discharge capacity of 450 m3/s.

Main Features

  • Rockfill dam with concrete facing ( H = 55 m, Crest L = 2000 m )
  • Cut-off ( plastic diaphragm, L = 2000 m, depth = 20 m )
  • Reservoir ( Total capacity = 13.2 Mm3 )
  • Spillway ( Type ungated, L = 30 m, Design Flood = 450 m3/s )
  • Intake Tower ( Q = 1.58 m3/s )
  • Outlet ( Q = 9.3 m3/s )

Engineering Services

  • Review and update of the existing Basic design
  • Detailed design
  • Tender documents
  • Assistance during procurement, tender evaluation
  • Construction contract management
  • Supervision of construction

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