Burkina Faso




2015 - 2017

Description for Bagré Multi-purpose Project (Burkina Faso)

Bagré multipurpose scheme was built in 1993 and is located along Nakambé river.

The dam and hydropower plant are operating with a reservoir partially filled with sediments. The assignment consists in the appraisal of the current conditions of the project especially in order to allow a further development of the irrigation uses of the reservoir.

Main Features

  • Catchment (Surface = 33'500 km2)
  • Earthfill dam (H = 41 m, L = 4,5 km, Reservoir = 1'700 Mm3)
  • Hydropower production (No. 2 Kaplan Turbines, IP = 17 MW)
  • Irrigation (No. 2 Irrigation canals, Irrigated surface = 8'100 hectares)
  • Total installed population in the province (610'000 inhabitants)

Engineering Services

  • Sociologic survey aimed to the identification of water users
  • Land cover study using satellite imagery and RUSLE model
  • Execution of bathymetry on the whole reservoir (1'700 Mm3)
  • Topographic survey with LiDAR technology an about 580 km2 surface
  • Tender documents for reservoir refurbishment especially through de-silting works
    Hydrologic study

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