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Burkina Faso

Bagré Multi-Purpose Project

Engineering services for a Hydropower and Irrigation plant

Burkina Faso

Multi-Purpose Project

The “Pôle de Croissance de Bagré” Project (Bagré Pole Growth Project) offered a hydro-agricultural and hydro-electrical development for the province of Boulgou owing to the achievement of a total control of the water by employing an earth-fill dam and a hydropower plant located along the Nakanbé River, at about 30 km from the Ghanaian border.

Studio Pietrangeli is proud to have participated in the redevelopment of the Boulgou province by offering the possibility of exploiting the many hectares of land around the river with irrigation of the area, thereby facilitating agriculture.

The Bagré dam was created in 1993 and the multi-purpose project was recovered to obtain a better use of the water resources of the area. With the realization of the project, in fact, about 15,000 ha dedicated to water management services, where 3,000 ha of these have been dedicated to the inhabitants and 12,000 ha to the agri-food industry. With the creation of the Bagré dam, 3,380 ha of downstream ground were removed to obtain total water control.

In addition to agricultural ad electrical production, the multi-purpose project allowed the supply of water for livestock and the creation of a gold mine, in the province of Boulgou.

To safely strengthen the area’s development, SP carried out the analysis of the actual conditions of the dam, especially the instrumentation, dam safety plans, including a break study and relative emergency preparedness plans.

Considering the proximity of the dam to the border and in view of assuring the safety of the population living in potentially flooded areas downstream in Burkina Faso and in Ghana, SP elaborated transboundary dam safety studies.

Burkina Faso




2015 - 2019


Main Features

  • Catchment (Surface = 33,500 km2)
  • Earth-fill dam (H = 41 m, L = 4.5 km, Reservoir = 1,700 Mm3)
  • Hydropower production (No°2 Kaplan Turbines, IP = 17 MW)
  • Irrigation (N°2 Irrigation canals, Irrigated surface = 8,100 hectares)
  • Total installed population in the province (610,000 inhabitants)

Burkina Faso

Bagré Multi-Purpose Project


Sociologic survey for identification of water users, Environmental studies

Land cover study using satellite imagery and RUSLE model

Topographic survey with LiDAR technology

Bathymetry on the reservoir

Hydrologic study

Assessment of dam conditions and particularly of the instrumentation

Tender documents for reservoir refurbishment especially through de-silting works

Dam Break studies in Burkina Faso and Ghana

Emergency Preparedness Plans in Burkina Faso and Ghana

Operation and Maintenance Manual

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