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Grand Anse Dam

Engineering for water supply dam and treatment plant


Grand Anse Dam

The water demand in Seychelles is continuously rising as a result of population growth, tourism activities and other commercial developments. Although Seychelles is blessed with substantial annual rainfall, the limited raw water storage capacities in the country means that very little of this rainfall is kept as storage to sustain the water demand, especially during dry periods

In this regard the aim of this project is the design of Grand Anse Dam for water supply, with its mini hydropower and water treatment plant, in order to increase the raw water storage in Mahé Island (the most populated island of the Seychelles’ archipelago) to meet the Seychelles Water Development Plan requirements.

Our engineers have already been able to discover the amazing Seychelles’ landscapes thanks to La Gogue dam project; now they are pleased to replay this experience and proud to support the SWDP, a plan with the aim of optimizing the utilization of existing resources and ensuring a sustainable and cost effective development of water infrastructure.

Seychelles - Mahé


Public Utilities Corporation African Development Bank




Main Features

  • Reservoir ( V = 2.2 Mm3 )
  • Dam ( Rockfill with concrete face, H = 60 m )
  • Spillway ( morning glory, Design Flood = 375 m3/s )
  • Power House ( IP = 122 kW )
  • Water Treatment Plant ( Q = 16,000 m3/d )


Grand Anse Dam


Feasibility Studies

Detailed Design


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