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Description for Gabon - Congo Interconnector (INTGACO)

The project consists of the design and tender documents of the 400 kV interconnecting transmission line between Gabon and Congo and of the relevant substations. The aim is the enhancement of the energy sector in both countries through mutual sharing of resources and the access improvement to energy with the result of reducing poverty. The project increases system reliability and quality of the supply in the sub-region. The 400/225/110/63kV substations are in the cities of Moanda (Gabon), Okoyo (Congo) and Djambala (Congo).

Main Features

  • Transmission line, double circuit: V=400kV; L=346km, Capacity=2x1300MVA, ASTER 570 twin bundle conductor, shunt-compensated by 1x75MVAr, 1x120MVAr and 1x50MVAr with ±3x25% variable tap changer reactors;
  • a new 400/110/30kV substation at Okoyo, in Congo;
  • the upgrade and extension of the existing substations at Moanda (COMILOG), 400/225/63/10,5kV, in Gabon and at Djambala, 400/225/30kV, in Congo.

Engineering Services

  • Feasibility study of the overhead transmission line and associated substations
  • Power demand forecast and generation planning update
  • Network Stability Analysis (static and transient studies), short circuit and insulation coordination studies, shunt compensation of the line
  • Transfer of knowledge program to the Ministry of Energy of the two countries
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment, Environmental and social management plan
  • Coordination with CAPP and SAPP
  • Tender Documents of the overhead transmission line and associated substations

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