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Gabon – Congo

High Voltage

Engineering for Gabon-Congo Interconnector

Gabon  – Congo

High Voltage Interconnector

The assignment, financed by European Union (EDF), is a feasibility study for the construction of a 400 kV interconnecting transmission line between the Republic of Gabon and the Republic of Congo and relevant substations. The aim is the improvement of the population living conditions as well as the quality of the socio-economic environment, boosting both availability of affordable electric energy and electricity access.

This is one of the several Studio Pietrangeli’s project dealing with regional interconnection, the first between two countries in Central Africa. In particular, it is the first UHV transmission project in Gabon, being very proud to confirm our involvement in energy supply in Africa.

The project consist in a transmission line, about 350 km long and three 400/225/110/63 kV associated substations. The terminal substations are existing (although the nominal voltage 225 kV will be upgraded to 400 kV), while the intermediate one is newly designed. The Gabon – Congo interconnector will ensure not only an improvement in fulfilling the energy demand of the two countries, but also a better utilization of the generation park.

Gabon - Congo


Ministry of Economics, Financial and Development of Gabon; Pool Énergétique de l'Afrique centrale (PEAC)


2016 – 2018


Main Features

  • Transmission line, double circuit ( V = 400 kV; L = 346 km, Capacity = 2×1300 MVA )
  • New substation ( 400/110/30 kV ) at Okoyo, in the Republic of Congo
  • Upgrade and extension of the existing substation ( 400/225/63/10.5 kV ) at Moanda ( COMILOG ), in Gabon
  • Upgrade and extension of the existing substation ( 400/225/30 kV ) at Djambala, in Republic of Congo


High Voltage


Feasibility study

Network Stability Analysis

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment, Environmental and social management plan

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