Portland, St. Catherine, Trelawny, St. Thomas - Jamaica


Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining


2013 - 2015

Description for Hydropower Projects (Jamaica)

The scopes of the assignment, commissioned by Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, are the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for small-scale hydropower projects in Jamaica. The study includes five small-scale hydropower plants, located on Jamaica’s rivers (Morgan, Negro, Spanish, Rio Cobre, Martha’s Brae), with a total installed power of almost 18 MW.

These small hydroelectric projects in Jamaica are the first assignments obtained by Studio Pietrangeli in this Caribbean island and allowed us discovering the huge potential of the stunning wild hinterland in relation to the exploitation of the water potential of the numerous rivers / streams that branch out into amazing remote and inaccessible sites.

The main objective of the projects is to improve the Jamaican population’s access to reliable and quality electricity service, even in the most remote areas, and thus help reduction of petroleum importing and consequently reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Main Features

Morgan’s River:

  • Canal ( L = 3.1 km ), penstocks ( L = 1.6 km )
  • Power House ( IP=2.7 MW, Pelton )

Negro River:

  • Canal ( L = 1.1 km ), pipe ( L = 1.7 km ) + penstock ( L=0.4 km )
  • Power House ( IP= 2.3MW, Pelton )

Spanish River:

  • Canal ( L = 2.7 km ), pipe, tunnel ( L = 310 m ), penstocks
  • Power House ( IP=7.8 MW, Francis )

Rio Cobre:

  • Power House ( IP=1.5 MW, hydromatrix )

Martha’s Brae:

  • Pipe ( L = 2.1 km )
  • Power House ( IP=4.4 MW, Kaplan )

Engineering Services

  • Prefeasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Investigations
  • Environmental and social impact assessment

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