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East Africa

Kenya-Tanzania Interconnector

Engineering for Kenya-Tanzania interconnector

East Africa

Kenya- Tanzania

This cross-boundary interconnector is part of the HVAC transmission corridor which transvers Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya covering a total distance of 2,300km. The project will ultimately link the Eastern African Power Pool (EAPP) with the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

The Tanzania-Kenya Power Interconnector project will be developed through a 400kV double circuit transmission line from Shinyanga (Tanzania) to Rongai (Kenya with several intermediate substations. Among the main objectives of the project we mention the enhancement of electricity trade and improvement of security of electricity supply, as well as to foster socio-economic development and promote regional integration.

The assignment, commissioned by Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (KETRACO) and Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd (TANESCO), is a feasibility study for the construction of a 400kV transmission line interconnecting two countries Kenya and Tanzania and associated substations.

The aim of the project is to benefit from an HV border interconnection, which power wheeling over long distances, improving the general performances of the interconnected network under SAPP and EAPP. The project will contribute to the closure of the transmission ring of Lake Victoria, conceived as a regional interconnection of the East African Community.


This project has helped to strengthen the already close professional relationship with Tanzania, as well as to create a new relationship with Kenya, thus making Studio Pietrangeli one of the international realities most involved in the electrification of both countries.


The project consists in the design of about 640km (approximately 220km in Kenya and 420km in Tanzania), 400kV overhead line, from the new Rongai’s substation in Kenya to the existing Shinyanga’s substation (Ibadakuli) via Kilgoris, in Kenya and Mwanza (Nyakato), in Tanzania. In addition to the Tanzania-Kenya interconnector, the assignment also includes the construction of the sending end station of Rongai and the expansion of the Shinyanga terminal station (existing infrastructure), as well as the intermediate substations of Kilgoris and Mwanza.

Studio Pietrangeli is entrusted of preparing the Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility and Detailed studies as well as tender documents, based on load demand forecast and transmission and generation plans updates. An in-depth interconnected network studies, with static and transient analysis and ancillary studies are basis for the verification of the interconnected electricity grids operation viability.



Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (KETRACO) Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd (TANESCO)


2020-in progress


Main Features

  • 400kV overhead line departing from Rongai in Kenya and arriving to the existing Shinyanga (Ibadakuli) Substation in Tanzania:
  • Double circuit type (V = 400 kV; Capacity = 2 x 1,300 MVA)
  • Ltot = 570 km (L = 220 km in Kenya; L = 350 km in Tanzania)
  • New 400 kV substation at Rongai, in Kenya
  • New 400kV substation at Kilgoris in Tanzania
  • Upgrade and extension of the existing HV substations at Shinyanga (Ibadakuli) and Mabuki, in Tanzania


Kenya-Tanzania interconnector


Feasibility study

Network Stability Analysis

Master Plan update

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan

Detailed Design

Tender Documents

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