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Kikonge Multi-Purpose Project

Engineering for hydropower plant, water supply and irrigation


Multi-Purpose Project

Kikonge is a multipurpose project foreseen for hydropower, irrigation and water supply. The scheme is located on the Ruhuhu river in the South West of Tanzania, which drains to the Lake Nyasa. Kikonge is the name of a tributary of the Ruhuhu near the site of the project.

The main component is a 120m high multipurpose rockfill dam. The regulated flows are used for a hydropower plant (IP = 235 MW), for an irrigation scheme with a 4000 ha irrigated area and for water supply systems to the local communities.

The principal objectives of the Kikonge multipurpose project are to improve livelihood, social well-being through the socio-economic development of the region. In addition to the main infrastructure works which are the irrigation scheme, the dam and its reservoir and the associated hydropower plant and the high voltage transmission line, the study includes water supply to local communities, local electricity supply, the fishing activities and the tourism development.


Studio Pietrangeli has been continuously present in Tanzania since 1989 successfully completing several engineering projects in the water sector. Thanks also to its internationally renowned projects in Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe SP is currently a leading engineering firm in the region for hydropower, transmission line, irrigation and water supply projects.



Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited African Development Bank


2018 – in progress


Main Features

  • Reservoir ( V = 6,000 Mm3 )
  • Dam ( Rockfill type, H = 120 m )
  • Irrigation Scheme ( 4,000 ha irrigated area )
  • Powerhouse ( No. 3 Francis Turbines, IP = 235 MW )
  • High voltage Transmission line
  • Access Roads


Kikonge Multi-Purpose Project



Feasibility studies

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