Kigoma region (Tanzania)


Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO)


2018 - 2020

Description for Malagarasi Hydropower (Tanzania)

Malagarasi HPP will be a run-of-the river hydropower plant (IP = 49 MW) located on Malagarasi River in Tanzania. The project will result in an additional supply of power to the grid, that will support the economic activities in the Kigoma region, guaranteeing availability of reliable electricity supply.

Studio Pietrangeli is very proud of assisting TANESCO providing all the engineering services for the preparation and implementation of the construction of the project, contributing to the increase in the renewable sources of energy in Tanzania

The layout of the project includes an overflow gravity weir, about 600 m long that diverts the flows into the waterway. The waterway system includes a culvert, about 1 km, that leads the discharges to the short penstocks, through an outdoor surge shaft, and then to the outdoor powerhouse located on the right river bank. A 132kV transmission line will transfer the power to the grid towards Kigoma substation.

Studio Pietrangeli has been continuously present in Tanzania since 1989 successfully completing several engineering projects in the water sector. Thanks also to its internationally renowned projects in Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe SP is currently a leading engineering firm in the region for hydropower, transmission line, irrigation and water supply projects.

Main Features

  • Dam ( Gravity, H = 18 m, L = 250 m )
  • Spillway ( Q = 9'800 m3/s )
  • Culverts ( No. 2, L = 1.5 km )
  • Surge Tank ( D = 40 m, H = 15 m )
  • Powerhouse ( Outdoor, No. 3 Francis turbines, IP = 49 MW )
  • Transmission Lines ( L = 45km, V = 132 kV )
  • Substations ( Malagarasi, 400/132 kV at Kigoma )
  • Access road ( L = 22 km )

Engineering Services

  • Review of Previous Feasibility Design
  • Basic Design
  • Tender Documents

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