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Mulembo – Lelya Hydropower

Engineering services for a hydropower project


Mulembo-Lelya Hydropower

Mulembo-Lelya is a hydropower project located between the Central and Eastern provinces of Zambia, on the homonymous rivers. The hydroelectric scheme is conceived to exploit the potential of two rivers, Mulembo and Lelya, while they run close before converging.
The project basically includes three main components: an upstream dam on the Mulembo river for the regulation of the flows, a water transfer scheme from Lelya to Mulembo rivers and a downstream hydropower plant on the Mulembo river.

The scope of the project is to improve the supply to the transmission grid managed by ZESCO in the region, contributing to the socio-economic development through a reliable source of power.
Studio Pietrangeli will be responsible for the feasibility study with the development of the full BFS (Bankable Feasibility Study) that will allow both investors and contractors to develop the project.
For this study Studio Pietrangeli will use cutting edge engineering technologies (such as Laser Scanning, Geophysical tomography, drones survey, etc.) in order to fully exploit the hydropower potential of the rivers.

Zambia Mkushi-Serenje Districts


Mulembo Lelya Hydro Electric Power


2018 - in progress


Main Features

  • Dam ( Rockfill, H = 50 m, L = 170 m )
  • Hydraulic Tunnel ( L = 3.4 km, D = 3 m )
  • Canal ( L = 1.2 km, W = 3 m )
  • Canal ( L = 13.8, W = 4 m )
  • Penstock ( L = 3.2 km, D = 3.5 m )
  • Power House ( Outdoor, IP= 167 MW, No. 1 Pelton )
  • Substation (No.3 bays, 220 kV)
  • Transmission line (L=140 km, 220 kV)
  • Extension of the existing 330kV Substation (V = 330/220kV, number of bays = 4)


Mulembo-Lelya Hydropower


Conceptual design


Feasibility Study

Environmental Social Impact Assessment

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