Eswatini ( former Swaziland )


Ministry of Natural Resources & Energy (Department of Water Affairs)


2016 - in progress

Description for Nondvo Multi-purpose Project (Eswatini)

Nondvo multi-purpose dam provides potable water supply for the Mbabane and Manzini cities, hydropower energy and allocates water resources for downstream irrigation purposes.

Water is a priceless good and men must know how to use it with diligence and sustainability.
With a cyclicality ranging between 10 and 15 years, the small kingdom of Eswatini (former Swaziland) suffers from a worrying drought, which causes unsustainable damage.
Nondvo dam and the raising of the two existing dams (Lupholo dam and Hawane dam), will ensure water for drinking and irrigation in the area of Mbambane-Manzini until the time horizon of 2050.

Nondvo dam will be an RCC gravity, 36 m high, creating a reservoir of approximately 22 Mm3.

A tower structure, on the left abutment, will works both as intake and bottom outlet. A 600 mm pipe will derive water for domestic and industrial uses and for the ecological purpose. A 1000 mm pipe will empty the reservoir in case of emergency or extraordinary maintenance of the works.

The ungated spillway is located in the central part of the dam. The design discharge is approx. 1,500 m3/s and is verified for a flood of 3850 m3/s. A stepped chute dissipates about half of the energy while the residual one is dissipated in a stilling basin “Type III”.

The water derived from the reservoir, before being transported to the treatment plant (or released as ecological flow), will be conveyed into the power house for energy production. The open air power house will be located on the left bank of the Lusushwana river.

Main Features

  • RCC Gravity Dam ( H = 36 m, L = 300 m )
  • Reservoir ( V = 22 Mm3 )
  • Powerhouse ( Francis Turbines, IP = 132 kW, Q = 0.5 m3/s, Eavg = 1 GWh/y )
  • Irrigation Area ( approx. 800 ha )
  • Water Supply ( approx. 400'000 population )

Engineering Services

  • Feasibility Study
  • Detail Design
  • Tender Documents

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