Viti Levu Island, Fiji


European Investment Bank


2018 - in progress

Description for Qaliwana Hydropower (Fiji)

This is the first Studio Pietrangeli’s project in Oceania. With the already strongly established activites in Africa, America and Eurasia, it takes the firm's presence to a global level.

The project includes a new plant, Qaliwana hydropower, and the upgrading of the existing Nadarivatu hydroelectric scheme.

The layout of Qaliwana hydropower will include an arch gravity dam, penstocks and an outdoor powerhouse (IP=18 MW). This plant will receive also the flows also from Upper Wailoa catchment, through weirs and several tunnels.

Nadarivatu hpp, that is the second largest hydroelectric scheme in Fiji. The assignment foresees its expansion through a third turbine that will create additional 18 MW of IP reaching an installed power of 60 MW.

The assignment is financed and managed by the European Investment Bank, World’s largest lender for the water sector and owned directly by the European Union member states. We will work in collaboration with Energy Fiji Limited.

The construction of these new hydropower projects will substantially increase the hydropower capacity in fiji, matching the increase of the demand in the country.

Main Features


  • Weirs on tributaries of the Wailoa river ( concrete, overflowing crest, No. 5 )
  • Waterway tunnels ( Ltot = 13.5 km, Q = 4 m3/s )

  • Concrete arch gravity dam ( H = 63 m )
  • Intake tower
  • Power Waterways ( tunnel L = 2 km, steel penstock L = 0.3 km )
  • Power House ( Outdoor type, IP = 18 MW, Hgross = 134 m )
  • HV transmission lines to existing 132 kV grid
  • Access roads


  • Existing power waterways ( low pressure tunnel L = 2 km, steel penstock L = 1.6 km )
  • Existing power house ( No. 2 Pelton turbines, IP = 42 MW, Hgross = 337 m, E = 101 GWh/y )
  • Expansion from 42 MW to 60 MW ( additional third unit, IP = 18 MW )

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