Beles Valley - Ethiopia


Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Directorate for Co-operation to Development - D.G.C.S.


1986 - 1992

Description for Tana Beles (Ethiopia)

The ambitious Tana Beles project was located in the Metekel district of Ethiopia, covered an area of approximately 1,600 km2 to supply a population of approx. 80,000 inhabitants.

Main Features

The works included:

Gravity dam (H=35m)

Sewage treatment plant (4.500m3/gg

Weir for irrigation (22m)

Water supply

Road network (225 Km)

Villages (# 50)

Infrastructures ( Hospital, Livestock, Pipe factoe, Airport, Project center)

Agricolture (23.000 Ha)


Engineering Services

  • Studies
  • Investigations
  • Master plan
  • Final design
  • Construction design
  • Supervision of the works

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