Studio Pietrangeli Experts

Giorgio Pietrangeli

Head of the family since 1964

Founder of his own professional consultancy firm, Studio Pietrangeli, at the age of 30, Giorgio Pietrangeli’s passion...
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Antonio Pietrangeli

Managing Partner

He officially joined his father's firm when he was 26, but his fascination with dam design started well before that, during his childhood when his...
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Paolo Alfredo Pallavicini

Chief Engineer

One of the pillars of the company, Paolo Alfredo Pallavicini has over 50 years’ experience in the fields of dam design and hydropower design....
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Gianmario Beltrami Campagnani

Hydraulics and Water Resources Expert

Gianmario joined Studio Pietrangeli in 2010, bringing more than 10 years of academic experience, thus approaching the professional world of
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Franco Terragni

Geologist & Environmental Expert

Franco has over 30 years’ international experience in the field of environmental studies, water management and hydrogeology in the field of
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Andrea Cona


Andrea has more than 25 years’ international experience in geologic studies for large civil works, especially in the field of
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Alessandro Cagiano De Azevedo

Procurement / Contract Expert

Alessandro joined Studio Pietrangeli in 2003. He has over 18 years’ international experience in dam design, contract management of large civil work...
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Alberto Bezzi

Project Manager

Alberto joined Studio Pietrangeli in 1995 after a period of 4 years as a construction engineer.
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Maurizio Di Cesare

Civil Engineer

Maurizio has over 30 years’ international experience in dam design. He was recrui...
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Stefano Galantino

Electrical Engineer

Stefano is an electrical and electromechanical engineer who has been working on
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