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South Kivu in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi

Ruzizi’s Transmission System

Engineering for Transmission System in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi

South Kivu in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi

Ruzizi’s Transmission System

The Ruzizi Transmission System’s project was created with the aim of contributing to a reliable and cost-efficient power supply to the South Kivu in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. The studies consist of engineering services relevant to the transmission lines and the Kamanyola dispatching centre for the evacuation of the energy produced by the Ruzizi III hydropower plant, as well as the Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II civil rehabilitation works.
The works covered by the project will significantly contribute to the development of the ECGLC region’s interconnected network.
In fact, the Ruzizi III – Kamanyola and Ruzizi III – Kibuye HV lines will promote the distribution and transmission of energy over great distances thereby increasing electricity access and supply at a lower cost.

The project consists of the realization of full engineering services, from feasibility to detailed design and bidding documents, concerning the 220 kV transmission lines, Ruzizi III – Kamanyola and Kamanyola-Kibuye, the Kamanyola regional Load dispatching Centre, the Cascade coordination Centre of the Ruzizi river as well as the Rehabilitation of Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II hydropower plants’ civil works.
The Kamanyola regional dispatching centre will manage power flows through the ECGLC region by strengthening the grid reliability and promoting the establishment of a regional energy market.
The Cascade Coordination Centre of the Ruzizi River, located in Kamanyola, will optimize the use of the river’s resource by way of hydroelectric power plants.

South Kivu in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi


EGL, Organization for the Energy of the Community of the Great Lakes Countries (ECGLC)


2012 - 2014


Main Features

Kamanyola electrical substation, 220 kV (DRC):

  • Bays: No. 11 x 220 kV
  • System Configuration Layout: Double bus bar

Kamanyola regional Load Dispatching Centre

Ruzizi hydropower Cascade Coordination Centre transmission lines:

  • TL from Kamanyola to Kibuye: L = 90 km, 220 kV, double circuit
  • TL from Ruzizi III to Kamanyola: L = 10 km, 220 kV, double circuit

Ruzizi I and II hydropower plants rehabilitation:

  • Ruzizi I Gravity Dam: H = 15 m, L = 195 m, No. 4 Kaplan Turbines, IP=29.8 MW
  • Ruzizi II Gravity Dam: H = 14 m, L = 85 m, No. 3 Francis Turbines, IP=44MW

South Kivu in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi

Ruzizi’s Transmission System


For the Kamanyola 220kV/30kV electrical substation, Ruzizi III-Kamanyola and Kamanyola-Kibuye HV transmission lines, the load dispatching centre and the cascade coordination centre of the Ruzizi river, we performed:

Feasibility Study

Detailed Design

Tender Documents

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Resettlement action plan

Concerning the Dams rehabilitation of Ruzizi I and Ruzizi II, we performed:

Surveys (Boreholes, Bathymetry, Concrete Coring, Laboratory Tests)

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Operation and maintenance Plan

Design and studies of the rehabilitation works

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