Nyamagabe, Huye, Gisagara, Kirehe, Kayonza - Rwanda


Research Triangle Institute (RTI) Power Africa East Energy Program (EAEP)


2020 - in progress

Description for Rwanda HV Transmission Lines (Rwanda)

The scope of the High Voltage Transmission Lines and Substations for Rwanda’s EDCL project is the design of new overhead 110 kV lines and 220/110/30kV substations.

The relevance of this project consists of the increase on-grid electricity and improvement of the power sector of East Africa, taking into consideration the ESIA and RAP studies of the area.

The High Voltage Transmission Lines and Substations for Rwanda’s EDCL is a project based in Rwanda and promoted by RTI through USAID funds. The USAID-funded Power Africa East Africa Energy Program (EAEP) awarded the contract to Studio Pietrangeli in support of the objectives of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Rwanda (MININFRA) prioritized energy sector activities, of which the Rukarara – Huye – Gisagara and Kirehe – Rwinkwavu transmission lines are part.

Studio Pietrangeli has developed a feasibility, detailed design, and tender documents of the works in respect to the basic studies such as load demand forecast, geographical and environmental constraints, macroeconomic indicators demonstrating the project’s viability through a comprehensive economic and financial assessment as well as risk analysis.

As the lines of the project cross predominantly rural areas with scattered settlements, a straight route was preferred wherever possible to avoid some main constraints of the environmental type, urban aggregates and townships (identified by previous studies and then verified during the surveys carried out in 2020) and reducing costs. Line routes should avoid critical paths such as crossing natural reserves as much as possible, be as short as feasible and minimize angle deviations and HV line crossings.

Main Features

  • Rukarara-Huye-Gisagara transmission line, single circuit: V=110 kV; L=40.7 km
  • Kirehe-Rwinkwavu Transmission line, single circuit: V=110 kV; 37 km
  • New Huye substations (110/30 kV)
  • New Kirehe substation (220/110/30 kV)
  • Upgrade and extension of the existing Rukarara substation (110/30 kV)
  • Upgrade and extension of the existing Rwinkwavu substation (110/30 kV)
  • Upgrade and extension of the under-construction Gisagara substation (220/110/30kV)

Engineering Services

  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • National Load Demand Forecast update
  • Feasibility study
  • Network stability analysis
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
  • Detailed design
  • Tender documents

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