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Studio Pietrangeli appointed to design the TANZANIA – MALAWI 400 kV Transmission Line Interconnector project

SP has recently signed the contract with Research Triangle Institute (RTI, USA) under USAID funds of the East Africa Energy Program (EAEP) for the Feasibility, Conceptual Design and Tender Documents of Tanzania – Malawi 400kV Transmission Line Interconnector project.
The engineering services kicked off in February 2022 with the beneficiaries of the project, the two transmission system operators TANESCO (Tanzania) and ESCOM (Malawi).

The HV interconnection between Tanzania and Malawi will link two power pools: the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP) and the Southern African Power Pool Members (SAPP) allowing power trade from Northern to Southern Africa and creating the longest vital transmission corridor in the world.

The main objectives of this interconnection project are to enhance electricity trade through bilateral agreement and market participation, improve the security and reliability of electricity supply and foster economic development and regional integration.

The project scheme includes a 400 kV overhead double circuit line and the terminal two new substations: the 400/220kV Iganjo Substation at Mbeya and the Kasumulu Substation at the border with Malawi.