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Dams Design

Studio Pietrangeli provides all the consulting services required for the design of dams of all types. Our core business, since fifty years, is the design and supervision of construction of large dams.

Unique international expertise in dams design

We have been providing dams design consultancy services for all dams’ types (earthfill, rockfill, gravity, arch, buttress, etc.) and all dams’ sizes (from 5 to 250 m), with projects in Africa, Europe, Central and Southern America. Some of our projects became world records: Gibe III (the highest RCC dam, 250 m high), GERDp (the largest RCC dam, 10.5 Mm3 of concrete).

Studio Pietrangeli’s portfolio highlights

Over more than 200 dams designed since the ‘60s, including several large dams worldwide renowned.

For instance, the following dams designed by SP are under construction or have been recently completed:
– GIBE II ( Ethiopia ) – completed in 2014
– BUMBUNA HPP (Sierra Leone) – completed in 2015
– GIBE III (Ethiopia) – completed in 2017
– GERD (Ethiopia) – under construction
– KOYSHA (Ethiopia) – under construction
– La GOGUE (Seychelles) – under construction, upgrade
– KARIBA (Zambia/Zimbabwe) – audit for rehabilitation

During 2017, our engineers have carried out the design of more than 40 large dams in 12 countries (Mauritius, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Zimbabwe Ethiopia, Jamaica, Tanzania, Jordan, Seychelles, Swaziland, Burundi, Uganda).

All engineering services provided for new and existing dams

The firm’s offer includes the entire range of dams engineering services for both existing and new dams, from conception to feasibility, through investigations, environmental impact assessment, all levels of design, technical specifications, employer’s requirements and tender documents, construction supervision, monitoring and maintenance, due diligences, technical audits, tender’s technical advisory services.

For more information about our services and projects

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