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Dam rehabilitation

SP is a leading engineering consultancy firm, specialized in the design and supervision of construction of dams and dam rehabilitation projects.

Our experience in dam rehabilitation

The firm’s vast international experience has been acquired in Africa, Europe and Central and Southern America, providing engineering consultancy services for over 200 dams.
Several of our recent projects concern for the rehabilitation or upgrade of existing dams. We are responsible for the upgrade of dams of all types (earthfill, rockfill, gravity, arch, etc.) and all sizes (from 5 to 180 m).

SP’s main dam rehabilitation projects

During forty years of activity, we have designed and/or supervised numerous dam rehabilitation projects around the world.
Our most recent rehabilitation assignments are:
– La GOGUE (Seychelles) – upgrade and raising and upgrade of an earthfill dam, under construction
– RUZIZI I and II (RDC) – rehabilitation of the concrete gravity dams
– KARIBA (Zambia/Zimbabwe) – rehabilitation of the huge Kariba arch dam and especially of its plunge pool
– JAM SIX (Jamaica) – rehabilitation of an existing concrete weir
– E.ON dams (Italy) – rehabilitation of three concrete dam
– HERMITAGE dam (Jamaica) – rehabilitation of a 100 years old concrete dam
– KING TALAL dam and hpp (Jordan) – rehabilitation of the powerhouse
– BAGRÉ mpp (Burkina Faso) – studies for upgrading of an earthfill dam
– MACCHERONIS dam (Italy) – raising of a concrete gravity dam
– MONTEDOGLIO dam (Italy) – rehabilitation of an earth-fill dam
– BUMBUNA hpp (Sierra Leone) – rehabilitation of a rockfill dam and powerhouse, damaged by the war
– UVINI mpp (Italy) – rehabilitation of the multi-purpose project
– SANTU MIALI mpp (Italy) – rehabilitation of the multi-purpose project

Studio Pietrangeli provides the entire range of services in dam engineering

SP’s engineering services cover all the aspects of dam rehabilitation projects from conception to feasibility, through investigations, environmental impact assessment, preliminary design, final design, technical specifications, employer’s requirements and tender documents, construction design, supervision of construction and technical assistance during definition of contractual terms.

For more information about our services and projects

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