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Dams consulting

Studio Pietrangeli is a leading dams consulting firm. We provide all consulting services for each type of dam.

Worldwide experience and excellence in dams consulting

Over the last 50 years Studio Pietrangeli has been acquiring a wide international dams consulting experience for over 200 projects in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.
We achieved excellence reaching world records with projects like Gibe III (the highest RCC dam, 250 m high) and GERDp (the largest RCC dam, 10.5 Mm3 of concrete).
We are also independent consultants for Kariba dam rehabilitation (World’s largest reservoir, V=180 km3).

Main dams’ projects of a well-established portfolio

The firm’s experience covers all types of dams (earthfill, rockfill, gravity, arch, buttress, etc.).
Among our most recent and worldwide recognized assignments we can indicate:
– GIBE III (Ethiopia) – all engineering, completed
– GRAND ETHIOPIAN RENAISSANCE DAM (Ethiopia) – all engineering, under construction
– KOYSHA (Ethiopia) – all engineering, under construction
– La GOGUE (Seychelles) – upgrade, under construction
– BATOKA (Zambia-Zimbabwe) – feasibility
– BUMBUNA hpp (Sierra Leone) – all engineering, operating
– ANGUILLES (Mauritius) – all engineering
– KARIBA (Zambia/Zimbabwe) – rehabilitation, ongoing

SP provides consultancy services for existing and new dams

Studio Pietrangeli, with its technical quality and capability, offers the entire range of engineering services for existing dams (to be rehabilitated / upgraded) and new dams, such as: investigations, feasibility and environmental impact studies, all levels of design, tender documents, construction supervision, monitoring and maintenance, due diligences, technical audits, lender’s technical advisory services, etc.

For more information about our services and projects

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