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Design of hydropower plant

All types and sizes of hydropower plants have been designed (or rehabilitated) by the firm over the last 50 years for a total of more than 80 projects.

Quality and experience in all design aspects, from detail to overall

All hydropower plants components are carefully designed by our experts. We have several outstanding examples from river diversion (of the Blue Nile), reservoirs (world’s largest man-made 180 km3), dams [world’s highest (250 m) and largest (10 Mm3) RCC dams], intakes, hydraulic tunnels (26 km long, Africa’s longest), penstocks (up to 500 m of head), powerhouses (up to 6000 MW), etc.
We design all civil, electrical, mechanical components of the project to always grant a successful outcome.

Our non-stop excellence in numbers

By way of example, we provided design services for the following hydropower projects:

1. Operating:
– Gibe II, Ethiopia, 420 MW
– Beles, Ethiopia, 460 MW
– Gibe III, Ethiopia, 1870 MW
– Bumbuna, Sierra Leone, 50 MW

2. Under construction:
– Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia, 6000 MW
– Koysha, Ethiopia, 2160 MW
– Namakhvani, Georgia, 450 MW
– Vranduk, Bosnia Herzegovina, 20 MW

3. Design completed:
– Dabus Cascade, Ethiopia, 798 MW
– Rumakali, Tanzania, 520 MW
– Chespi, Ecuador, 460 MW
– Frasin Pangarati, Rumenia, 590 MW, F
– Lufubu, Zambia, 326 MW
– Bujagali, Uganda, 250 MW
– Jam 6 & Jam 5, Jamaica
– Kidunda, 20MW

4.Under design:
– Batoka, Zambia/Zimbabwe, 2400 MW
– Enguri, 560 MW in Georgia
– Mulembo – Lelya, Zambia, 167 MW
– Kakono, Tanzania, 87 MW
– Malagarasi, Tanzania, 45 MW
– Ruvyronza, Burundi-Uganda, 22MW
– King Talal, Jordan, 18 MW
– Ghana 10, Ghana

All engineering aspects covered for hydropower plants design and construction

We provide the best design solutions by analyzing each project through all the engineering disciplines, from hydraulics to hydrology, geotechnical, geological, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical and environmental. Along with all levels-design (feasibility, preliminary, final, construction), the firm covers all the other required engineering services such as investigations, environmental impact assessment, technical specifications, employer’s requirements and tender documents, supervision of construction, technical assistance during definition of contractual terms, technical and financial audit.

For more information about our services and projects

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