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Electric power systems consulting engineers

Our electric power systems engineers carefully model electrical grids and identify its criticalities through simulations.

Electric power systems planning

Our electric power systems engineers conduct the modelling activity in close collaboration with the national energy authorities, electric utilities and the regional power pools. In concertation with the client, they select the appropriate models for all the system components. Our experts also investigate on the planned infrastructures to be introduced, i.e. the new production centres or the expansions of the transmission system, and analyse the forecast medium term energy demand. In power system analysis we study the effects of the constant undergoing changes either due to changing loads, planned outages of equipment for maintenance or other disturbances such as equipment failures, line faults, lightning strikes or any other event that causes outages. During disturbances, the unbalance between generation and load leads to oscillations that the system must be able to dampen, reaching a viable steady-state operating condition.

Most important electric power systems realized by Studio Pietrangeli

We have already performed several network studies also in transboundary contexts:
– Ruzizi multinational project in Rwanda, RD Congo and Burundi
– Batoka electrical scheme in Zambia and Zimbabwe
– Gabon-Congo interconnection network study
– Ethiopia-Kenya interconnection network study
– Bumbuna transmission line scheme in Sierra Leone
– NAO distribution scheme for Makeni and Port Loko in Sierra Leone
– Gibe III project in Ethiopia
– Kidunda transmission system in Tanzania
– Lufubu power system study in Zambia
– Gerdp HPP-Beles HPP interconnection

National electric power system planning coordination

At regional planning level, the network study is the most valuable instrument to identify and select the priority integration projects. Determining an energy policy strategy is at the heart of a regional electricity market’s development and of a wide-spread access to a modern, available and affordable power supply.

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