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Hydroelectric engineers

SP is an Italian engineering firm specialized in hydroelectric projects, since 50 years.

Our major achievements as hydroelectric engineers

More than 80 hydroelectric projects have been designed by Studio Pietrangeli during the last 50 years, from small hydro up to huge plants with IP values of 6,000 MW. Internationally renowned projects have been entirely designed by SP, such as Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (IP = 6000 MW), Koysha (IP = 2160 MW), which are currently under construction, while Gibe III (IP = 1870 MW), Beles (IP = 460 MW), and Gibe II (IP = 420 MW) are operating.

More than 40 hydroelectric plants under design

Along with the biggest projects under construction or operating, our hydroelectric engineers are developing the design of numerous plants all over the world, such as:
– Batoka Gorge Hpp 2400 MW in Zambia/Zimbabwe
– Dabus Cascade 798 MW in Ethiopia
– Enguri Cascade 560 MW in Georgia
– Rumakali Hpp 520 MW in Tanzania
– Chespi Hpp, 460 MW in Ecuador
– Namakhvani Hpp, 450 MW in Georgia
– Lufubu Cascade 326 MW in Zambia
– Kakono 100 MW, in Tanzania
– Malagarasi 50 MW, in Tanzania
– Vranduk 20 MW, in Bosnia-Herzegovina
– King Talal 18 MW, in Jordan
– Ghana 10, ten small hydros in Ghana
– Jam6 & Jam5, eleven small hydros in jamaica

All services provided by our hydroelectric engineers

The firm provides all the range of hydroelectric engineering services from conception to construction and monitoring. Our experts cover all fields of hydro engineering such as hydraulics, hydrology, geotechnical, geological, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, environmental, contractual, etc.

For more information about our services and projects

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