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Power system analysis

Our experience in power system analysis comes from modeling numerous national and regional electrical networks.

Complex national and interconnected grids in Africa

Our power system analyses usually include network studies for transmission and distribution systems, optimised load flow analysis, short-circuit currents calculations, insulation coordination studies, voltage collapse assessment, transient stability and inter-area oscillation evaluation. The power system analysis is accompanied by load demand forecast studies, generation/load balance update assessment. Market, tariff and trading asset studies, as well as institutional and regulatory framework evaluation are often requested by our clients.

Our experience in power system analysis

Studio Pietrangeli has executed several power system analyses, also in multinational contexts, including:
– Bumbuna transmission line project in Sierra Leone
– NAO project for Makeni and Port Loko in Sierra Leone
– Gibe III project in Ethiopia
– Kidunda project in Tanzania
– Lufubu project in Zambia
– Dabus project in Ethiopia
– Ethiopia-Kenya interconnection
– Gerdp HPP-Beles HPP interconnection
– Ruzizi multinational project in the ECGL region
– Batoka project in Zambia and Zimbabwe
– Gabon-Congo interconnection

The study of network behaviour is a valuable instrument

The study is intended as a technical assessment of the capability of the electric grid to receive the power production of the new hydropower plant or transmission line in an electrical safe manner. In doing so, Studio Pietrangeli prepares accurate models representing the power system under study, and conduct an analysis to assess the adequacy of the planned network infrastructures, identifying the need for improvements to ensure safe operation of the new project within the rules of the regional electric code.

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