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Power system consultants

As power system consultants, we have performed a wide range of power system studies.

Our power system studies offer

As power system consultants, we provide advanced system analyses to optimize the use of existing facilities and the need for system expansion. Our offer includes extensive technical and commercial studies, evaluation and recommendations associated with various power system analyses, depending on the specific requirements of our clients.

Our experience as power systems consultants

Studio Pietrangeli’s projects portfolio includes several power system analyses, also in multinational contexts, such as:
– Gabon-Congo interconnector
– Batoka hydroelectric scheme in Zambia and Zimbabwe
– Cross boarder project in the Ruzizi region
– Gerdp HPP-Beles HPP transmission system
– Ethiopia-Kenya interconnector
– Lufubu power system project in Zambia
– Kidunda project in Zambia
– Gibe III project in Ethiopia
– NAO distribution system project in Sierra Leone
– Bumbuna transmission system in Sierra Leone

Technical expertise to take the right decisions

Nowadays interconnected systems are very complex. Every new load, expansion, upgrade and configuration change in the network can cause more or less serious disturbances. Our studies cover planning, engineering, economic aspects of power system, design, operation, control and protection and use appropriate static, dynamic or transient study models for power systems. We provide information to take the right decisions when planning upgrades or expansions of electrical systems in compliance with regulatory requirements

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