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Roller Compacted Concrete Dams Consultant

Studio Pietrangeli is the designer of the world’s highest and largest Roller Compacted Concrete Dams (Gibe III and GERDp).

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams

Pioneered for dam construction by Italians in the early 60’s of last century, Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) has proven to be the right material for many dams.
Main advantages are: reduced heat of hydratation, higher rates of placement and lower cost.
This, in turn, results in better quality, shorter construction time and cost savings. Typically RCC is used for gravity dams on stiff foundations but there are examples of its use for arch dams.

Roller Compacted Concrete in our projects

The firm is at the forefront in the use of RCC in dam construction with the design of some of the largest dams of Africa such as Gibe III (1870 MW, 6.2 Mm³ of RCC) and GERDp (6000 MW, 10.5 Mm³ of RCC). RCC is being used also for the Koysha Dam under construction (2160 MW).
With an height of 250 m Gibe III is the world’s tallest RCC dam and with a volume of 10.5 Mm³ GERDp will be world’s largest RCC dam.

Studio Pietrangeli’s approach to RCC

Studio Pietrangeli always strives for best quality and innovation and our large RCC projects have been the opportunity for testing and improving this technology. Data and information obtained through our large projects form now a unique knowledge base for future use.
Success in an RCC dam entails a series of activities and expertise with the most important being:
– Selection of the right raw materials (and quarries)
– Mix design for the different zones and functions
– Tests on full scale specimens fabricated in the actual site conditions
– Choice of the right contraction jointing strategy
– Organization of quality production plants
– Sound procedures for placements and curing
– Quality monitoring during production and timely implementation of corrective actions if necessary
– Measurements form monitoring of completed structure also feedback into the design of our new dams.

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